Using your Lightroom presets { Spring series }

I’d like to show you a few of my presets across my Lightroom Presets Collections at work with some images I took this week. I was delighted to find such a pretty cherry blossom to photograph my youngest in front of and my presets just brought the images to life!

When creating a collection of images I would stick to using the same process throughout. Here I wanted to illustrate a few different looks. They may look subtle but as a collection they would look very different – it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The best thing of course is that you can create a collection of images from a shoot in a matter of minutes – if not seconds with these presets and brushes.

Starting with my Lifestyle Collection I added Family Colour 3 to this image below. Because the light was coming from behind meaning it was underexposed and lacked contrast so it needed the extra boost that no3 gives. I added a Hint Of Summer to add warmth and to accentuate that it was taken in lovely warm evening light and I also used the Summer Green Reduction preset to just slightly reduce the over bright greens.


If you would like to give added focus to a subject then my brushes Eddie’s Blur and Eddie’s Pump Up The Detail from Eddie’s Toolbox are fantastic for this – in this instance for a soft blurry look (more depth of field) give the background a brush over with the brand new Eddie’s blur Brush. This brush will be available for free download to all Eddie’s customers during May!




For the second image I used Mono Mature 3 – nothing more was needed! Literally ready in seconds. Again because the image was backlit – the no3 version of the preset worked best. Mono Mature is available in the Lifestyle, Wedding and Mono Collection.




The 3rd image I used the Fashion preset from my Fashion Collection – it has a soft a pastel vintage feel and creates a unique look. I called it Fashion as I think it has a very editorial look and could see a collection of images in a magazine with this preset. Again – one click and a hint of added exposure and we have an image full of life!





If you prefer a subtle look, or the ‘high key’ look is not your preferred choice, then my Portrait preset which is included in Lifestyle and Wedding and Fashion Collections is perfect. It breathes the exact amount of life into the image without it looking like you have ‘processed’ it at all. Here I added a touch of warmth using the Hint Of Summer preset too.






And finally I used the Family Colour 3 preset from the Lifestyle Collection and also added the Summer Glow preset, which is one of my favourites, and a dab of exposure increase to give it a gorgeous warm summer feel. Depending on how you photograph – As I mention in my FAQ’s – you will find just adjusting the Exposure slider up or down can make a real difference to your images.




My launch offer on my Essentials Collection is coming to an end on the 30th April so do take advantage of this collection! It is the perfect collection for DSLR and Lightroom beginners and also for those that want to try before they buy the full collections. You will also get a discount code towards further investments!

And remember to come back soon if you are already a member and you will find a free preset just for you!

If you are wondering about Lightroom 6/CC – the presets and brushes will not be affected. You will need the more recent operating systems for the upgrade so check before you upgrade. You can upgrade/buy Lightroom 6 here:

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