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Contact-Page-GraphicI am a family, wedding and portrait photographer who – yes, here comes the cliché – started out in the make-shift darkroom in the basement at home as a teenager! I trained in photography and a large part of my training was in the darkrooms of my university, picking photograph after photograph from the machines or the chemical trays to perfect the desired look. ‘Magenta casts’ will forever be a haunted term for me!!

When I started in digital photography I applied the same techniques I used in the darkroom, experimenting, first with Photoshop and then when I started to use Lightroom I wanted to be able to use it without having to go back to Photoshop. I loved my film days and I still love the film look – I like my digital images to look as fresh and clean as those images I used to produce in the darkroom. I have experimented endlessly for you – picked those metaphorical prints out of my computer screen so that you don’t have to. Honestly – don’t mention it! You are welcome!

Adding your new presets is easier than you think! They will live in the ‘Develop Presets’ folder and your brushes in the ‘Local Adjustment Presets’ folder which you can easily find by going into Preferences in Lightroom and clicking ‘Show Lightroom Presets Folder’. I have a helpful blog post on how to install your new purchases here.
Not always, you may have over exposed or under exposed the image originally. Also the time of day and season that you have taken your image will affect its overall feel. All my presets have 3 versions to try. Once applying the preset you may still want to adjust the exposure level and contrast.
I am uploading videos with top tips to help you understand the tools of Lightroom on my Eddie’s notebook page, there will be lots of helpful information I can share. In the meantime if you are still unsure then I can highly recommend Adobe’s tutorial videos.

Yes. My presets will not work on jpegs.

If your presets aren’t appearing in Lightroom, make sure you don’t have the “Store presets with catalog” option checked in Lightroom’s Preferences. You may also need to restart Lightroom after installing presets.

My presets that are designed for Lightroom 4 and above will not be affected by upgrading. I highly recommend upgrading and particularly to CC (Creative Cloud) if you are not on it as you will get automatic improvements.

Bright Friday sale

Because I’m not keen on the name Black Friday I am having a BRIGHT Friday sale. I will personally be donating 10% of these sales to Children In Need. Use the discount code BRIGHT at the checkout for a WHOPPING 50% discount – you can use these for all my collections! Only Live for 3 days! Go!  ... read more

Eddie’s Lightroom WorkFlow

Over the years I developed my own system for speeding up my Lightroom workflow, here I am going to describe it for you – it’s all about reclaiming that precious time spent too long in front of the computer for ourselves right? Ok – This is going to be as jargon free as possible! I am assuming here that you have a basic knowledge of Lightroom already. If not, then first watch a few Adobe videos which are fantastic at introducing you to the software. One thing to also bear in mind is how important backing up your images is – hard drives are relatively CHEAP these days, don’t delete from an external hard drive to create more space. Keep all RAWS and buy a new hard drive. IMPORTING: So lets’s start with how I import images. I import images straight to my computer from the card using a card reader (I use a Lexar USB3 card reader) through the Import dialog box into a Lightroom Catalog. Use either the Copy as DNG or Copy in this instance. Having the images on your computer makes your culling (selecting your best pictures) time quicker as the images are easier for Lightroom to ‘find’. I use a catalog a year for each different type of photography e.g: ‘Family Shoots 2015” and I import images into neat Folders labelled by Year > month of shoot > name of shoot.  * I also always use the ‘Make a second copy’ option and these go straight onto an external hard drive. Already I feel better – they are now safely in two places. And a third... read more

Using your Lightroom presets { Spring series }

I’d like to show you a few of my presets across my Lightroom Presets Collections at work with some images I took this week. I was delighted to find such a pretty cherry blossom to photograph my youngest in front of and my presets just brought the images to life! When creating a collection of images I would stick to using the same process throughout. Here I wanted to illustrate a few different looks. They may look subtle but as a collection they would look very different – it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The best thing of course is that you can create a collection of images from a shoot in a matter of minutes – if not seconds with these presets and brushes. Starting with my Lifestyle Collection I added Family Colour 3 to this image below. Because the light was coming from behind meaning it was underexposed and lacked contrast so it needed the extra boost that no3 gives. I added a Hint Of Summer to add warmth and to accentuate that it was taken in lovely warm evening light and I also used the Summer Green Reduction preset to just slightly reduce the over bright greens. If you would like to give added focus to a subject then my brushes Eddie’s Blur and Eddie’s Pump Up The Detail from Eddie’s Toolbox are fantastic for this – in this instance for a soft blurry look (more depth of field) give the background a brush over with the brand new Eddie’s blur Brush. This brush will be available for free download to all Eddie’s customers during May!   For... read more


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