Beauty retouching using Lightroom

Ok – in my first of my tips and tricks series I’ll show you how to make everyone look their best! We all need a little help – I certainly do!!

Women – Generally I beauty retouch womens faces the most as they are the first to notice – unfortunately – any signs that we are enjoying life – i.e.: laughter lines (sometimes called wrinkles).

Children – Usually I don’t retouch childrens skin – they are perfect as they are, but I always give a bit of Sparkle (toolbox brush) to the eyes.

Babies – I always use my Flawless skin brush on babies skin and my Sparkle brush on their eyes if they need it.

Men – men usually don’t need much retouching – they are happy with the distinquished look that time brings! Sometimes I use my Light Flawless Skin tool and often use my Teeth Dazzle (toolbox brush)

Beauty retouching in family and wedding photography doesn’t need to take forever – and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Using a few tools you will make everyone look fabulous and 10 years younger (well thats what we all want right?!).


Follow my step by step guide for flawless skin. I’ll show you how to go from Before to After……


Now to be honest Leyla one of my brides here needs minimal beauty retouching (if any) but I am showing her as an example!

1 – I start by applying a couple of my presets – in this case – Portrait 3 and Hint of Summer and then a little extra boost of exposure and contrast. It already looks great!


2 – I then do a little work with the healing tool – removing a few blemishes whilst making sure this is natural by keeping the spot removal brush on heal and on 60-70% opacity and the same with Flow. These can always be increased if needs be.

3 – I also use the Spot Removal Healing brush on shadows under the eyes – this needs to be very subtle. Dial down the opacity and flow if necessary. And use the Amount Slider (explained below)

4 – Then turning to the skin – again to keep it natural I keep the opacity and flow in between 50 and 80. I use my Flawless Skin tool and brush over the skin, avoiding the eye, eyebrows, lips etc.

5 – Finally turn to the eyes and teeth. For the eyes I use the Eddie’s EYES Sparkle brush (from the toolbox) to brighten the bottom areas and close to the iris of the eyes.

6 – And then the last thing to do is use the Eddie’s TEETH Dazzle to brighten those pearly whites!

NOTE: At anytime you can close the sliders in the brush menu by clicking the little triangle as shown below – this shows an OVERALL AMOUNT slider – use this if you think it needs adjusting until you have the perfect balance.

For wedding and family shoots any more retouching than this is pretty unnecessary – woman like to look natural – they just need a little enhancing. Leyla looked beautiful to begin with but I have enjoyed using her lovely face to illustrate how to use your brushes!

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