Adding your new lightroom presets & brushes

Great – you’ve taken a step towards reclaiming your time and purchased some of my presets. They are super easy to install – just follow this 6 step plan to install them:


**2019** – any preset files ending .xmp need to be either DRAGGED to Lightroom or  use ‘Import Develop Profiles and Presets’ as below. Then follow instructions for BRUSHES at end of this post. { ALWAYS restart Lightroom once followed these instructions! }

FOR ANY .lrtemplate files follow instructions below

1 – unzip your purchased Eddie’s presets folder. The folder will contain two sub-folders called ‘Presets’ and ‘Brushes’ as they need to be stored in different places.


2 – Open Lightroom and go to Preferences (under Lightroom tab on a mac and Edit tab on a PC)


3 – Click on ‘Show Lightroom Presets folder‘ as above

4 – Go to the ‘Develop Presets folder‘ and create a folder named ‘Eddie’s presets’ or the name of the collection you have purchased i.e.: ‘Eddie’s Essentials’

5 – Drag contents of the folder from no.1 into this new folder you have just created. Make sure you are only dragging the presets (marked .lrtemplate) not the brushes as well


6 – Restart Lightroom. Your presets are now installed!


1 – To install your brushes you need to again click on ‘Show Lightroom presets folder’ and open the folder called ‘Local Adjustment Presets

2 – Drag the brushes from the unzipped folder in the brushes section (from PRESETS no.1) into this folder.

3 – Restart Lightroom to see your brushes


An image with using presets from Eddie’s Wedding Collection: WEDDING COLOUR 2 and HINT OF SUMMER applied.


An image with using presets from Eddie’s Essentials: MONO MATURE and CONTRAST PUNCH applied. Also used FLAWLESS SKIN brush.


An image with using presets from Eddie’s Essentials: COLOUR applied and CONTRAST PUNCH. Image ready in less than a minute!

Extra Note: you can ALSO drag and drop onto the Lightroom logo on your dock for your presets to be installed OR create a presets folder in Lightroom and ctrl-click IMPORT but following the above instructions will keep them organised.


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