FIX = Digging Deeper ~ Lightroom workshop for pros ~ 3rd MARCH 2021

DIGGING DEEPER –  for professional photographers.

Are you a photographer that uses Lightroom but feels they are not using it to it’s full potential? Or are you that photographer does a first edit in Lightroom but then takes it into Photoshop for a further edit? This course is for you – learn how to maximise your Lightroom techniques to reclaim your time!


note: this class will become virtual over Zoom if Covid restrictions don’t allow in-person training 

FIX – let’s learn Lightroom together. Let me show you the power you have at your fingertips to make your images come alive.

Learn how to use and make the most of photography software Adobe Lightroom to enhance and organise your digital photography life.


Digging Deeper – 3rd MARCH 2021

Pros course


Learn photography software Adobe Lightroom at a deeper level to empower your editing and reclaim your time.



For professional photographers using Lightroom


Learn how to get out of your bad editing habits and use Lightroom to it’s full potential to speed up your workflow and making your images have the impact they deserve.


  • Workflow and Organisation
  • Culling techniques
  • Learn how to process your images to their full potential
  • Brushes and Cloning – no need for photoshop!
  • Eliminate colour casts
  • Secret weapons and short-cuts
  • Exporting perfectly ready images for different uses and client delivery ready 



10am – 2pm 

TO BE HELD IN: Hersham, Surrey – MAXIMUM 8 students


(first payment is £95 deposit – only refundable 4 weeks before workshop date)

Includes lunch from Powers Cafe and a selection of Eddie’s Store Lightroom presets and tools worth up to £65

EXTRA 2 HOURS – + £75 for extra 2 hours  – added tuition in smaller group (limited number) – Bring an edit you need to do and I’ll guide you through it.


*** You will need a laptop you can bring with Lightroom CC Classic installed. (An older version of Lightroom is also fine)


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