Adding your new lightroom presets & brushes

Adding your new lightroom presets & brushes

Great – you’ve taken a step towards reclaiming your time and purchased some of my presets. They are super easy to install – just follow this 6 step plan to install them:


1 – unzip your purchased Eddie’s presets folder. The folder will contain two sub-folders called ‘Presets’ and ‘Brushes’ as they need to be stored in different places.


2 – Open Lightroom and go to Preferences (under Lightroom tab on a mac and Edit tab on a PC)


3 – Click on ‘Show Lightroom Presets folder‘ as above

4 – Go to the ‘Develop Presets folder‘ and create a folder named ‘Eddie’s presets’ or the name of the collection you have purchased i.e.: ‘Eddie’s Essentials’

5 – Drag contents of the folder from no.1 into this new folder you have just created. Make sure you are only dragging the presets (marked .lrtemplate) not the brushes as well


6 – Restart Lightroom. Your presets are now installed!


1 – To install your brushes you need to again click on ‘Show Lightroom presets folder’ and open the folder called ‘Local Adjustment Presets

2 – Drag the brushes from the unzipped folder in the brushes section (from PRESETS no.1) into this folder.

3 – Restart Lightroom to see your brushes


An image with using presets from Eddie’s Wedding Collection: WEDDING COLOUR 2 and HINT OF SUMMER applied.


An image with using presets from Eddie’s Essentials: MONO MATURE and CONTRAST PUNCH applied. Also used FLAWLESS SKIN brush.


An image with using presets from Eddie’s Essentials: COLOUR applied and CONTRAST PUNCH. Image ready in less than a minute!

Extra Note: you can ALSO drag and drop onto the Lightroom logo on your dock for your presets to be installed OR create a presets folder in Lightroom and ctrl-click IMPORT but following the above instructions will keep them organised.


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